• Super stick force: reliable 3m VHB adhesive pad provides strong stick force. Sturdy in various situations such as sudden braking, going over a speed bump, and driving on a rugged mountain road.
  • Solid alloy body: crafted with aluminum alloy and soft silicone, the magnetic car holder has an antioxidant surface to maintain its glowing surface and soft yet durable touch.
  • 4th Generation neodymium magnets: easily support all smartphones even with varied phone cases on, compatible with most phones including iPhone, Samsung Galaxy & Note Series, Google Pixel, OnePlus, Sony and More
  • Freely adjustable: with a solid metal ball joint, you can rotate your smartphone or swivel your display to your preferred position as you like.
  • 1 year support: Syncwire car mount comes with 1 year support. If the phone holder doesn’t hold your phone, missing accessories, broken, cannot be used for your car. You are welcome to contact us to get a replacement.

Installation Tip:

Please fix the car holder on a plastic surface and not on a leather surface.

Step One
Wipe the targeted installation surface with the alcohol pad provided and wait till it is dry.

Step Two
Peel off the 3M pad. (Warm the 3M pad with hot air for about 15 seconds if the temperature is lower than 15⸰C).

Step Three
Press down on the mount with force for about 10 seconds to strengthen the attachment.

Step Four
Do not use the mount within 24 hours.

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Allovit Magnetic Phone Car Mount, Universal Car Phone Holder for Dashboard $15.99

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