Q:Will resting my phone on my computer (with the plate on the back of the phone) screw up the computer's hard drive?
A: The part on the phone isn't magnetic,it's just steel.It wouldn’t screw up any place.

Q: Will it mess with the iPhone X wireless charging?
A: It comes with 2 plates, one rectangular and one round, both fairly small. Also since it goes inside the case you could remove the plate before using a wireless charge or stick metal plate on lower position.

Q: Has anyone experienced a magnet that caused data loss or wiped the drive clean?
A: Magnets can cause data loss in traditional storage, such as floppy disks and disc drives. Solid-state storage like used in mobile phones should not be affected by any magnetic fields you may encounter.

Q: Will this car phone mount work with case?
A: Yes, Allovit magnetic car phone mount features a durable casing that houses 4 ultra strong N52 magnets, The closed-loop structure magnets make the magnetic force stronger and more concentrated and does not affect the signal.

Q: Will the adhesive damage dashboard when I remove it?
A: Please don’t worry,the adhesive will not damage your dashboard when you remove it, but it can’t remove many times, there are a extra adhesive for replacement.

Q: Is this strong enough to hold a iPhone Xr through a thin case *without* using the metal disc? (adding the metal disc fouls iPhone wireless charger)
A: Sorry, it can not hold your phone if you do not stick the metal plate. It will not steady enough without the metal disc. Hope can help you .

Q: Will it re-stick after removing it?
A: No. You will need new adhesive.there are a extra adhesive for replacement.

Q: Is the metal plate reusable or does it have to be attached to the phone at all times even when not in used?
A: If you place the metal plate between your phone and phone case , it can reusable.

Q: How strong is the magnet? Like if driving on rough road will the phone come off or no?
A: It will not come off if you have centered the phone so that the magnet that is on the phone matches the magnet on the mount. The center of gravity is where the two magnets hold each other, not the center of the phone.

Q: Can this be used with a gps? Or will the magnet mess up the insides of the unit?
A: This mount will hold your GPS unit if it's a smaller one. I'm not sure about the larger units. But the magnet will not interfere with the function of the GPS.

Q: How many magnets does this mount had? is strong enough to hold iphone 11 pro max?
A: Allovit car mount has 4 ultra strong N52 magnets,and compatible with all smartphones with 3.5-7.9 inches,please don’t worry.

Q: Will this work on a 2019 toyota corolla, the one i tried would not due to the way the dash and vents are made? will this one work?
A: Yes, our car mount is universal.

Q: Can the magnet mess up the battery on your phone ?
A: No, the magnet doesn't affect the battery.